UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car

UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car

UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car

UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 1:5 Brushless Buggy 8S, RTR Version. Ghost Rabbit GR1 - the new 4WD metal model from UFRC incl.

TT56112 Top Tuning Monster Brushless Motor 700 kV. Y1567 ZTW Beast Pro 200A ESC. SPM5120 Spektrum DX5C Smart 5CH DSMR radio control incl.

2 pieces y1570 CYS S0650 large scale servo, 55 kg/0,11 sec for Steering. 2 pieces y2009 Top Tuning Digital pro Servo 25 kg for Differential lock. The GR1 is an exceptional model, a 1/5 RC car that inspires and is not particularly oriented to usual categories.

Basically it is a rock racer with additional crawler capabilities. 2 pieces of 4S batteries with EC8 connectors total max. Size for both batteries combined: length 193 mm × width 125 mm × height 100 mm.

Its external dimensions are not much bigger than those of a 1/6 car, yet its wheelbase is on par with many 1/5 cars and it has no overhangs at all; its tires fit a monster truck 230 mm diameter! This results in amazing handiness for a large scale car combined with outstanding off-road capability. The GR1 comes out of the box almost as an all-metal vehicle.

Tuning parts to reinforce the model are no longer necessary. Center and rear differential come standard with mechanical locks which can be activated independently by the radio. Of course, a radio system with the appropriate number of channels is required to use this feature. The dimensioning of all parts is designed for great reliability, e. The ball joints in the lower trailing arms are standardized industrial swivel bearings with an inner diameter of 6 mm, and the driveline can handle 12S hands down. But according to our experience, 12S operation is simply unnecessary. Oversized drive shafts also on the front axle are machined and hardened steel with fixed joints at both ends and sliding piece for length compensation.

The tires feature a vulcanized fabric reinforcement made of Kevlar; ballooning is actually a thing of the past for them. Thanks to Kevlar, the fabric belt can be relatively thin, so the tires are soft and flexible despite the fabric. Aluminum servo arms for all 4 servos (steering and differential locks) are standard. The levers of the two steering servos are adjustable.

Each steering servo has its own adjustable servo saver. A stainless steel adjustment tool is included. The Ackerman rod features four ball bearings. Shock absorbers with 8 mm piston rods and hard anodized shock bodies. All drive gears milled from steel and hardened.

Two voltmeters can be optionally installed in the receiver box to monitor the traction batteries. The cage can be removed with only 4 clips, but even that is not a requirement for battery replacement. Ghost Rabbit GR1 (1/5 4WD solid rear axle).

Main features of the 4WD Ghost Rabbit GR1. The strength of the components supports 12S power. The wheelbase of 1/5 scale cars: 565mm. The length of 1/6 scale cars: total length 790mm (when equipped with wheels with a diameter of 230mm).

The weight of the GR1 ready to run with 2x 4S/10.000 mAh batteries and 700KV motor is about 22 kg. But if you think now that this is a ponderous steamroller, you better think again. A "Tank on speed" is a better description. Despite the weight, wheelies can be called up at any time thanks to the appropriate gear reduction, even if the controller is only set to level two of four in acceleration (punch). At the same time, the possible twisting of the chassis is almost like that of a crawler. With the diff locks activated, the GR1 is almost unstoppable. Drive train: full-time 4WD with 3 differentials (remote rear and center differential lock as standard equipment).

Front suspension type: double a-arm IFS. Rear suspension type: solid rear axle with 4-link suspension.

Caster angle of kingpin: 20 degrees. Front camber (adjustable): 3 degrees. Rear toe-in (not adjustable): 0 degrees. Rear camber (not adjustable): 0 degrees. Approach angle: about 90 degrees. Departure angle: about 90 degrees. Break-over angle: about 45 degrees. Minimum turning radius: about 1.5 meters. The maximum steering angle: about 30 degrees. Maximum gradient: about 50 degrees. Slide slope: about 40 degrees. Maximum articulation: about 80 degrees (need to remove the front and rear anti-roll bars and loosen the angle limit screws of the front shock mounting beam). Lower trailing arm length (center/center of spherical bearings): 257 mm.

Chassis ground clearance (wheel diameter 230 mm): 115 mm. Ground clearance under rear differential (wheel diameter 230 mm): 75 mm. The maximum external dimensions of the vehicle body (length × width × height): 790 mm × 525 mm × 380 mm (with wheels of 230 mm diameter and 100 mm width). Gear ratio range: 9:1 to14.9:1 (The gear ratio can be changed by different gear set in the center gear box). Factory standard gear ratio: 14.9:1.

Number of locking differentials: 2, servos for activation not included. Locking differential positions: center and rear.

Wheel size: diameter 230 mm; width 100 mm. The tires feature Kevlar fiber belt to prevent ballooning and can handle 12S power. Wheel drive size: 24 mm hex. Front shocks mounting length (two-stage springs): 170 mm. Front shock travel: 53 mm. Rear shock mounting length (two-stage springs): 212mm. Rear shock travel: 80 mm. 8S power: 80 km/h (based on a 750KV motor).

12S power 110 km/h (based on a 680KV motor) (The maximum speed is calculated based on the electronic components and the actual numbers may vary). Weight of empty frame (excluding wheels and electronic components): 13.5 kg.

Maximum payload of the frame: about 10 kg (do not press heavy objects or let people sit on the frame for driving operations, which may cause damage to parts). Front shock oil (silicone oil): 100cst. Rear shock oil (silicone oil): 100cst.

Front differential oil (silicone oil): 300,000 cst. Center differential oil (silicone oil): 300,000 cst. Rear differential oil (silicone oil): 300,000 cst. Front gearbox (grease): Swedish molybdenum disulfide high temperature grease (blue).

Center gear box (grease): Swedish molybdenum disulfide high temperature grease (blue). Rear axle gearbox (grease): Swedish molybdenum disulfide high temperature grease (blue). (The above lubricants parameters are for reference only, and can be replaced according to your driving habits and environment). Frame materials and parts specifications, etc. Processing technology: CNC machining, no stamp-out processing.

Surface treatment: hard anodizing and hardening. Front skid plate plate (standard configuration). Processing technology: CNC machining non-casting. Specifications: The thickness of the part is 30 mm.

Specification: wall thickness 4 mm. Specifications: wall thickness 2.5 mm. Specifications: wall thickness 4 mm. Differential ring and pinion (front and rear). Material: high-strength billet gear steel, non-powder metallurgy.

Processing technology: CNC gear hobbing machine. Heat treatment process: carburizing and hardening.

Center gear box spur gears. Processing technology: hot isostatic pressing sintering. Material: high-strength billet carbon steel. Front suspension drive shaft (CVD structure at the wheel end, universal joint structure at the gear box end).

Specifications: CVD end shaft diameter 12 mm; gearbox end universal joint maximum outer diameter 32mm. Specification: shaft diameter 12 mm. Specifications: The outer diameter of the spline telescopic shaft is 12 mm; the maximum diameter of the universal joint is 32 mm. Specifications: shaft diameter 12 mm, non-pin positive locking structure, shaft reaches into the differential planetary gear.

Specifications: thickness 1.5 mm. Front and rear shock absorption main parts. Surface treatment: black nickel plating. Specification: front 2.8mm/rear 2.5mm.

Processing technology: high precision grinding. Heat treatment: carburizing and hardening. Processing technology: CNC machined, no injection molding.

Front shock mounting beam: AL6061-T6 (aluminum). Rear shock tower: AL6061-T6 (aluminum).

Servo fixing frame: AL6061-T6 (aluminum). Specification: ball diameter 11 mm. Front lower A-arm: high-strength nylon. Center gear box mounts: AL6061-T6 (aluminum). Lower trailing arm brackets: AL6061-T6 (aluminum). Adjustable steering servo arm comes as standard! : AL6061-T6 (aluminum) (adjustment angle 20 degrees). Tire skin: natural rubber (Kevlar fiber belted). Hex drive: The hex insert is powder steel metallurgy, and the outer reinforcement ring is SUS304 stainless steel.

All vehicle screws: 10.9 grade carbon steel. Wheels: Most 1/5 scale wheels with 24 mm hex drive and a diameter ranging from 190-230 mm and a width of 70-100 mm can be used. When the diameter is greater than 190 mm and the width is greater than 80 mm, the steering angle needs to be limited, and the steering angle has to be adjusted on the transmitter to about 75%.

Differential spider gear assembly: HPI BAJA 5B compatible. Nylon ball joints: 5ive-T size (ball diameter 11 mm). Specifications: market standard motor for 1/5 vehicles, such as 5692/56112/58113. When using 8S power, the motor KV value should be lower than 800. When using 12S power, the motor KV value should be lower than 600.

When selecting a 12S motor, you should accurately consult whether it supports 12S power. Improper selection may cause serious damage to the motor.

The diameter of the motor shaft is 8 mm, and the depth of the flat surface is 1 mm. The protruding length of the motor shaft should be greater than 20 mm and less than 40 mm. 8S: 2 groups of 4S (6,000-12,000 mAh) in series. 12S: 2 sets of 6S (6,000-12,000 mAh) in series. When choosing a battery, it should be noted that the three-dimensional size of the two batteries together cannot be larger than the size of the battery compartment. Battery compartment size: length 193 mm×width 125 mm×height 100mm. Specification (15T output shaft): 50-85 kg. Use common 1/5 model servos (mounting bolt pattern 17.5 mm×75 mm). Specification (25T output shaft): 15-35 kg. Use common 1/8 model steering servos (mounting bolt pattern 10.0 mm × 49.5 mm), it is recommended to use 25 kg steering gear, but it should not be stronger than 35kg, which may easily cause the displacement of the differential lock limiter and change the pulling stroke. The differential lock function fails.

Channels: 5 channels or more steering; throttle; differential lock uses two channels; car lighting (optional) channel. Type: Equipped with lithium battery balancing function. Tool type: Allen key wrench; Hex wrenches; circlip pliers.

Sizes (metric system): 1.5 mm; 2.0 mm; 2.5 mm; 3.0 mm; 4.0 mm; 5.0 mm. Sizes (metric system): 7 mm; 8 mm; 9 mm; 10 mm. Type: external circlip pliers (when gripping the handle of the circlip pliers, the front end should open outward). Specifications: The diameter of the tip is less than 1mm, and the use range is 4-10mm. First attempts of the UFRC Ghost Rabbit Play movie. This item is in the category "Toys & Games\Radio Control & RC Toys\RC Model Vehicles & Kits\Cars & Motorcycles". The seller is "auktionsshop-hobbythek" and is located in this country: DE. This item can be shipped to United Kingdom.
UFRC Ghost Rabbit GR1 4WD 15 Brushless Buggy, RTR Version, electric RC-Car

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